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Competition: win a £50 hotel gift card

Last month we ran a competition on the Smith Travel Blog to win one of our nifty new boutique-hotel gift cards (congratulations again to Lindsay, who spotted Kata Tjuta in Oz a mile off), and it was so darn successful, we decided to take it monthly.

So, lady travellers, gentleman journeymen and all voyagers in between, welcome to our second ‘Where in the World’ travel quiz. This month, we’re giving away a £50 Get a Room! gift card (alternatively, that’s US$85 or AU$100, depending on your geography). You can spend the card on a stay at any hotel in Smith’s worldwide collection, (not wishing to influence your decision in any way, but we’d suggest checking out our new stylish Spanish stays in Empord√† and the Basque Country), either by booking online or by calling our round-the-clock Travel Team.

So, all you have to do is take a look at the image below – and tell us:

Where in the world are we?

Gift card competition

This splendid sunset was captured on camera by Smith’s own Sabine Zetteler while on a recent hotel-hunting jaunt. It’s tricky, but given the fact that the last one proved so easy for so many of you, we thought it was time to test your travel mettle.

To enter, just leave your answer in the comments and remember, the more accurate, the better. We’ll pick a winner next Monday (10 August) and contact them via email to arrange delivery of the prize. We won’t publish correct answers until then, but, to make it a smidge easier, we will include any wrong answers that come in between now and Monday in the comment thread.

Best of luck.

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