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This is the True Story…Stay in Cancun where the Real World is Filmed

ME Hotel CancunOn Wednesday night at 10pm, the new installment of the Real World premiered on MTV. Sticking to the tried and true formula that has made the show a constant since it first went on the air in 1992, the newest group of camera friendly 20 somethings will live out their lives for the next few months beachside in Cancun Mexico. Curious where their luxury digs are? The Real World is staying in a 9,757 square foot, bi-level suite at the ultra-luxurious, resort destination ME Hotel Cancun. This suite comes equipped with 4 bedrooms, all with ocean views, 3 private balconies, a full kitchen, and a private laundry room. It also features a pool table, fully stocked bar (of course!), aquarium, plasma television, and massage chairs, just in case the stress of luxury living gets to be too much! Since the Real World is obviously filmed months in advance, this suite is available to reserve for any guests who have a little money to burn. It is currently going for 15,000 USD per night!

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